Birds & Mammals

If you enjoy wildlife then the Birds and Mammals Tour is for you!

Many of the species that make their home in mangrove forests can be seen from our Birds and Mammals Boat Tour.

Animals ranging from dolphins and iguanas to heron and osprey and even manatees frequent this area.
We make this tour a leisurely ride so not to hurt the Manatees who are prone to getting hit by boat propellers……..we want everyone, humans and animals alike to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

This tour is highly educational and exciting for you and your family and here you will experience the wonders of the Red Mangroves, the White Mangroves and the Black Mangroves.

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White mangrove tends to grow in the shallowest, most inland waters, followed by the black mangrove, which prefers an intermediate environment and lastly, the red mangrove often grows the closest to open water. All three species produce either roots or pneumatophres; which help to stabilize the surrounding soil.

The dense weaving and intertwining of roots and branches creates a hatchery for most big game fish native to the Florida Keys. It also provides critical habitat for wading birds including many endangered species.

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To protect and raise awareness for the valuable wildlife and natural habitats of the South Florida Keys region by offering immersive, educational, and fun boat tour adventures.

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